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A Joint Statement - Winsford Diamonds & Winsford Colts

February 22, 2022

On Sunday 20th February 2022, a vote was carried out between the two clubs to merge our two great clubs together. Following overwhelming support from our managers, it was decided that we would form Winsford Town FC. During this process, we have formally invited Woodford JFC and Winsford Over 3 who are currently in discussions within their club and are awaiting their decision in due course. Both Winsford Diamonds and Winsford Colts have many years of history, and we want to ensure that the legacy is carried on under the new format of Winsford Town FC. Our vision as Winford Town FC is to ensure that all children have access to the best facilities within this great town, and we aim to work with local schools to ensure that football is accessible to all. We want to forge new relationships with The Cheshire FA, The Academy, Winsford Town Council and Brio to ensure that we have a say on how the local facilities are maintained and developed.

With the facilities we have at our disposal if we can help in developing these and making some improvements then that will be a great accomplishment. Becoming one club will assist us in gaining the support from the above parties and with the wealth of knowledge within our newly formed club we are confident we can make football more enjoyable for our children.

The newly formed Winsford Town FC will have over 40 teams from our foundation, from our girls and all the way up to our over 35s meaning football is accessible to as many as possible.  This is a very positive thing to come from very testing times and the one message that echoes throughout this is this if for the children of our town and surrounding areas. Football has brought two clubs together and will continue to assist us in creating memories for the children.

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